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Get ready for an amazing weekend filled with the best experts in Finance, Health and Wellness, Careers, Building a Business, Home Design, Fashion, Community Service, Travel and more. We’ve spent the last year searching the globe to bring you the very best Seminar Speakers designed to motivate and inspire you to live your best life.

Become A Gem With Gem Clothing

Come and check out the new active wear by Gem Clothing.

On-demand lab tests for everyone, Presented by MyLabsDirect

Through upfront, transparent cash prices, we eliminate surprise medical bills and make lab testing easy and affordable.

Gynecology Pearls For Prevention, Presented by Dr. Vonne Jones

Gynecology Pearls For Prevention – Dr. Vonne Jones, an OB/GYN, and native Houstonian, will discuss popular GYN topics including uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, and preventative tops for Gynecologic and Breast Cancers.

Quality Time with Najiyyah Brooks

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success are already in our hands. Friend, God has truly equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your purpose. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door.

Secure The COINZ, Presented by Brandee Harrington

Learn about a state of the art product easing the financial, physical and emotional burden that life’s “suddenlies” often bring to a family. Learn how to secure the COINZ.

Women's Health, Wellness and Beauty!, Presented by Daisy A. Ayim MD

New Approach to women’s health, wellness and beauty using innovative technology, science that seemingly blend into your daily routine. The art of restoring your new self should be effortless, effective and elevate your natural beauty.

Life Love and Lockup, Presented by Michelle Lovett

LIFE, LOVE AND LOCKUP despite the world that just because people are faced with different adversities, tragedies, illnesses, different struggles and addictions they still overcome! Through research and my own personal tests I’ve witness the very individuals counted out eventually surpass their odds. I am a living testimony! My belief is, “Life, Love & Lockup” will encourage the healing process. The book series consist of ten (10) different AUTHORS. Each volume shares their TEST and TESTIMONIES concerning their own LIFE, LOVE & LOCKUP experience.

Revolutionary Sanitary Napkins, Presented by Dr. Kecia Harris of KD2 Consultants

Learn about a revolutionary sanitary napkin, available in all sizes, that both prohibits leaking and bacterial growth, is protective to our delicate skin, and is healing to the body. Dr. Harris is a Biomedical Scientist, Health and Wellness Consultant, and Speaker with more than fifteen years of research and health consultant experience with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the pharmaceutical industry.

Providing Solutions for the Foundation of Financial Success, Presented by Novae

We INSPIRE people to want more out of life, we EDUCATE them on how to go about it, and we provide an OPPORTUNITY to make it happen!

The Dr. Sharita Difference

As a physician who has type 2 diabetes myself, I understand firsthand the challenges and difficulties that exist with management. There is a known correlation between the food that we eat, our weight gain and the development of type 2 diabetes. I am very passionate about improving your quality of life through healthy eating and lifestyle changes. I offer customized and compassionate weight management services where you will be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve. Working with me you will: Gain knowledge of diabetes; Lower your hemoglobin A1c; Reduce or eliminate your meds; Lose and manager your desired weight; Gain energy, self-confidence, and control of your health; and Get your “SEXY” back!

The Paixão Difference

Paixão offers an Elegant and Hygienic Alternative! Our clients health and safety is our top priority. We offer unparalleled standards in salon hygiene and sanitation. Every client gets a brand new nail file, nail buffer, foot file, and toe separator, every time. All metal implements go through our 3-Step Sterilization process: Washed in anti-bacterial soap; Sanitized in hospital grade solution; and Sterilized in professional quality autoclave. We also pride ourselves in being transparent, and believe that education is extremely important when servicing clients. We encourage you to ask questions. Don’t know why you’re having issues with your nails? Tell us about it! We can educate you on what could be causing your frustrations. We understand that it could take several appointments to nurse your nails back to health.

Know Your Numbers for a Healthier You, Presented by Terri McCulloch

You can’t fix what you don’t know! Make your health a priority and let Any Lab Test Now help you understand your body by managing your healthcare proactively with direct access lab testing.

Allow Nature to Nurture You, Presented by ViLAU Beauty

Our mission is to disrupt the skincare industry by creating one hundred percent organic, ethical and sustainable skincare products, that are healthier for not only humans, but also the planet. ViLAU offers a solution to the critical levels of disconnection with nature in society. Not only has it become commonplace to put profits over the planet, our bodies also suffer from the commercial chemicals and toxins we pollute ourselves with, leaving usmore vulnerable to disease. By creating skincare products with carbon neutral processes that draw solely from the immense healing powers of nature, ViLAU is proud to take care of nature so that nature can take care of us.